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PriSun Enterprises by prisunenterprises.com

Prisun Enterprises Welcomes you

Prisun was Started in 2004 by young entrepreneur who wanted to bring in his creative ideas and unique approach to the world of used clothing and recycling. Today we have grown at the level where we can proudly say that we have become as regular link in the chain of recycling. We have grown because of the quality services and products we provide and are also backed by loyalty of our customers.

We might not be a very big company but we take pride in what we are and what we do because big doesn't always means better, we see it as the big worthless rock compared to the small diamond. Or promise to you is that if you come to us, you might not get the luxuries/facilities that big companies provide but you would surely get a personal service which would be specially crafted to your needs.

Our customers keep coming back to us as they want to be first on our priority list rather than being 5th or 6th on some big company's list.

"Currently we are exporting used clothing to Tanzania, Burundi, Ghana, Angola, India and Pakistan.We are also trying to expand our services & operations to other African countries like Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya."

Exporter / Recycler